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Install/Uninstall And Compatible

What is SpyToApp? How does it work?

SpyToApp is a background smartphone application that secretly records and logs SMS
messages, Call history, Contact list, Photo, Web visited history, Apps usage history;
tracks GPS locations of the phone in real time and displays all recorded locations
on a convenient map. The software will be installed into the phone that you wish
to monitor. However, you have to have the target phone in your hand at least 1 time
to download and install SpyToApp into. All settings may be adjusted remotely anytime
online right from your Online Control Panel. After the installation process completed,
all data, even those deleted, uploaded to your private Control Panel account which
is available from any PC or phone browser.

Attention: The target phone must have access to the Internet, and be compatible
with SpyToApp. Check if your mobile device is supported.

Can I install SpyToApp remotely?

No. You will need access to your cell phone at least the first time you install
SpyToApp. Once install SpyToApp, you will be able to track all the SMS messages, locations,
calls ,URLs etc, remotely using SpyToApp Control Panel from your computer.

Why should SpyToApp be the best solution

Keeping track of employees’ mobile phone usage, seeing who your children are contacting
from their phones, back up your own phone data in case the phone lost or broken,
tracking down the thief in case the phone get stolen are among the most popular
uses of tracking software.

Reasons to choose SpyToApp

Exact and live: customers are able to see
all activities of target phone 24/7 nearly real time, from the online control panel.
Effective: SpyToApp is the most effective
app available to meet the customers’ needs, meanwhile, easy to use
Simplicity: the solution is superfast
and easy enough to be used by beginners and veterans alike.
Value: SpyToApp app represents excellent
value with acceptable price

What phones does SpyToApp work on

SpyToApp currently supports:

Android all version

How to remove SpyToApp?

Because SpyToApp does not appear in Cydia, you must log in to your account to remove
it. In page Setting, part Uninstall SpyToApp, insert password of your account, then
click Uninstall SpyToApp to remove SpyToApp remotely. Be careful, once you have removed
SpyToApp, you have to get the iPhone in your hand once again if you want to re-install

Why does target phone needs internet access?

Target device requires the Internet access to send logged data to your online control

If you aren’t capturing any data, the Target phone will still need some form of
If you are not capturing any data, target phone still needs some form of the internet
to synchronize settings from your online control panel. Aside from reporting the
captured data, it will also need the Internet whenever you need to turn off unnecessary
features or even if remove SpyToApp from target phone.

You will need internet access on target device to utilize all functions and keep
a reliable reporting schedule.

What if target phone does not have an internet connection?

If your target device is a GSM phone that takes a SIM card, you can always use a
SIM card with Internet access (even a cheap prepaid SIM) just to get the software
installed and setup, and then swap it out with the Target’s own SIM card later.
Without internet connection, all features will still work, but SpyToApp will not
be able to report any captured data (SMS, Call Logs, Email, Location) to your online
account except for Auto Answer feature. SpyToApp will save logged data and wait for
be uploading when the target phone have an internet connection

Is the internet access log visible on the phone bill?


The phone bill may reflect only an amount of GPRS data transferred or the time consumed,
no indication of what applications used. That is why it makes SpyToApp impossible
to detect.

Does SpyToApp support my phone service provider?

SpyToApp runs on all supported phones regardless of service provider, or location.
You have full access to SpyToApp data whether the phone is across town or the world.
The only requirement is that the phone should use a supported operating system and
have a working internet connection.

Can I install it using one SIM, but then give the phone to someone who uses another
SIM? / Can I change SIMs?

Yes. This is also a way to install SpyToApp into target phone if the original SIM
does not provide internet access.

If you intend to use features which need internet to report data to your online
account such as SMS, Call, GPS tracking… then you will still need an internet connection
available on target phone after switching to the original SIM.

We recommend that you test the software after changing SIM cards of different networks.

Is my privacy protected?

We do not record, store, transmit or resell any customer’s personal information.
Moreover, SpyToApp uses active security policies that ensure complete privacy by
encrypting all confidential activity logs.

How do I see the SMS, Call Logs and Location tracking information?

Using the user-friendly control panel, you can see data in easy-to-read format

All activities on target phone are logged and available 24/7 in your secure SpyToApp

Some data in my account seem to be lost. What happens?

Data older than 15 days will be deleted. You should back up your data to your computer
regularly. Go to page Setting, here you can export data to CSV for download. SpyToApp
sends the download link to your email.

Is SpyToApp free?

No, SpyToApp is a commercial product. But it is quite affordable! We also offer trial
48 hours package with all features. After trial time, if you are not ready to purchase,
you can still use GPS tracking, remote adjust setting and uninstall for free.

What payment methods does SpyToApp accept?

You can pay either by:


Credit card: Visa, Master Card

How do I receive the software?

– For Android, you can download direct link from our website

Does SpyToApp show an icon or something on target phone?

It does not. SpyToApp is totally silent. Nothing display on target phone.

How can I tell if SpyToApp is on my phone?

No way.

Unlike our competitors, SpyToApp does not use any SMS commands appearing in the target
phone’s message folder for getting the app working. The weight of the activity data,
uploaded to the server, goes up to 100kb, thus being totally unnoticed by the target
phone user on their phone bills. Regarding another important issue, SpyToApp research
shows a proven record of minor battery power consumption so that target phone works
its normal hours.

It means, there is no way to detect the SpyToApp program. It is managed online without
noticeable interaction between the server and the phone.

Do you provide technical support?


We provide 24/7 technical support to all clients. Our Support Team can be easily
reached at can also start a tracked support request by sending
a message here . We will reply within 24 hours.

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